Today marks a significant milestone in the relations between Morocco and Mali as the National Order of Topographic Surveying Engineers (ONIGT) of Morocco, led by its President, Mr. Khalid Yousfi, alongside a distinguished delegation, actively participates in the Mali Surveyor Week organized by the Order of Expert Surveyors of Mali (OGE Mali). Morocco takes pride in being the esteemed guest of honor at this pivotal event, held from April 18 to 20, 2024, at the prestigious Bamako International Conference Center (CICB), with the aim of stimulating investment for economic growth.

As part of this reinforced collaboration, a specific partnership agreement between ONIGT and OGE Mali was signed on site. This initiative marks the start of a promising collaboration aimed at promoting excellence in the field of topographical engineering and boosting the socio-economic development of both countries.

The reinforced collaboration between ONIGT and OGE Mali is exemplified by the signing of a specific partnership agreement on-site, marking the commencement of a promising alliance aimed at promoting excellence in topographic engineering and fostering socio-economic development in both countries.

In this era marked by global challenges, guided by the High Royal Guidance and Morocco’s African commitment, which underscore South-South cooperation as a vital pillar of regional development, ONIGT’s participation this week underscores our dedication to these core principles and our aspiration to facilitate fruitful collaboration among all African nations, particularly between Morocco and Mali, to bolster excellence in topographic engineering,” declared Mr. Khalid Yousfi during this week’s opening session.

Mr. Yousfi also commended the efforts of His Excellency Colonel Assimi GOITA, President of the Transition Head of State of Mali, for his commitment to enhancing bilateral relations with Morocco. He emphasized that the Mali Surveyor Week provided a platform to fortify ties and lay the groundwork for even closer cooperation between ONIGT Morocco and OGE Mali, through knowledge sharing, discussions on challenges and opportunities in topographic engineering, and the presentation of innovative solutions. “Our ambition is to make our territories and our spaces receptacles of productive synergies, open to advanced technologies, for the construction of a better future for our countries and for the African continent as a whole,” affirmed the President of ONIGT.

During this significant week, organized under the High Presidency of His Excellency Colonel Assimi GOITA, and themed “Securing land rights is essential to stimulate investment and economic growth,” several conferences led by Moroccan experts, who are members of ONIGT, were conducted. These conferences covered a range of topics, from the organization of the Topographical Engineering (IGT) profession in Morocco to the utilization of cutting-edge measurement technologies for engineering structures. They provided a valuable platform for learning and experience-sharing among professionals from Morocco, Mali, and other participating countries, including Ivory Coast, Senegal, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry, Benin, and Togo.

ONIGT is resolutely committed to maintaining the dynamic of long-term partnership with OGE Mali. This collaboration aims to promote the harmonious development of the surveying engineering profession in Africa, with an emphasis on securing land rights, a fundamental element in stimulating investment and economic growth. The ONIGT aspires to actively contribute to the economic and social progress of the region.


Established by Law 30-93, the National Order of Topographic Surveying Engineers (ONIGT) of Morocco is the professional body representing topographic surveying engineers, founded on principles of excellence and integrity. ONIGT is dedicated to promoting their interests and fostering the sustainable development of the topographical engineering sector. Actively engaged in regional development policies, ONIGT strives for inclusive growth through the establishment of strategic partnerships with public authorities, thereby enhancing its role in the socio-economic development of Morocco.

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