Shuva Israel: Rabbi Yoshiayao Yosef Pinto will hold classes in Morocco and New York

Tonight, the Jewish world will commemorate the passing of Rabbi Meir Abuhatzira zt”l – Baba Meir, the son of SidnaBaba Sali.

In his memory, his grandson, Rebbe Rabbi Yoshiayao Yosef Pinto, will hold two gatherings. The first one will take place Wednesday evening in Morocco, at his residence in Rabat, starting at 21:30 Morocco Time – 23:30 Israel Time. The event will be attended by Rabbi Pinto’s students and dignitaries from the Moroccan Jewish community.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Rabbi Pinto will hold another gathering in memory of Baba Meir zt”l at the Shuva Israel Yeshiva Hall in Manhattan, New York. The event is expected to be attended by the Rebbe’s sons, Rabbi Yoel Moshe Pinto and Rabbi Meir Eliyahu Pinto.

Both events will be live-streamed on social networks and selected websites and will be broadcast in many locations around the world at the Shuva Israel Yeshiva branches.

Earlier on Thursday, a special lesson by Rebbe Rabbi Pinto will be broadcasted on Kol Barama Radio at 20:00 Israel time.

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