Moroccan Artist Imane Tsunami Falls Victim to Witchcraft

Moroccan artist Imane Tsunami has become the latest victim of witchcraft, known locally as Tokal, after enduring a prolonged battle with magic. In several interviews with the Moroccan press, Tsunami revealed that she had been subjected to witchcraft and sorcery by someone close to her, resulting in severe poisoning and serious complications.

The news of Tsunami’s ordeal has sparked controversy on various social media platforms, shedding light on the prevalence of such practices in Moroccan society, particularly the use of Tokal.

Tokal is a term that strikes fear into the public, referring to toxic substances that are secretly added to a person’s food or drink to cause them harm. Believed to be a powerful form of sorcery, the effects of Tokal poisoning manifest through well-known symptoms such as body bloating, vomiting, skin diseases, hair loss, and in extreme cases, death – as tragically experienced by the famous Moroccan artist Imane Tsunami.

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