Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto Urges Awakening: Responding to the Signs

In his recent discourse, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto addressed the current challenges facing the Jewish people worldwide, with a particular focus on the citizens of Israel. “Look at the myriad problems facing the Jewish people. Every moment brings another distressing report. Another individual is wounded, another has passed away, yet another is ill. What is happening to us?” he lamented.

Rabbi Pinto elucidated, “The Almighty is calling out to us, sending signals to awaken us. Nothing occurs in our world by mere chance. When there is a drought, when water is scarce, we Jews gather in the streets of our cities to pray and repent. Why? Because every event that befalls us is a heavenly sign urging us to repent.”

Directing his words to his students, Rabbi Pinto urged, “Take note of how much the Almighty is signaling to us in recent times. So where do we stand? Why do we remain in slumber? Why do we ignore these signals? If we fail to wake up, these signals will only grow stronger.”

“This is not just meant for individuals, but for all of us collectively. These signals are not directed solely at the individuals affected by the troubles, but at all of us, the entire Jewish people. We must rouse ourselves to repentance, to fulfilling commandments, and to performing good deeds,” he concluded.

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