Rabbi Pinto’s Message: The Power of Torah in Preserving Jewish Identity

Rabbi Pinto emphasized in a captivating meeting with academics in Miami that the Torah, not military might, is what has preserved the Jewish people throughout history. He delved into Jewish psychology, contrasting it with Sigmund Freud’s theories, and stressed the importance of remaining rooted in Torah observance.

According to Rabbi Pinto, adherence to the Torah and its commandments has been the cornerstone of Jewish resilience in the face of persecution and exile. “Every individual should uphold their tradition and values, living within the realm of Torah,” he asserted.

He cautioned against straying from Torah principles, noting that doing so would lead to collapse for the Jewish community. “Our vitality as a people lies in the Torah,” he affirmed. “It’s not tanks or armies that define us, but the sacred teachings of the Torah. Upholding our values and traditions is the true path.”

Rabbi Pinto emphasized that being Jewish entails more than just a label; it requires living in accordance with Jewish tradition and values. “What sets us apart is our commitment to upholding all aspects of Jewish tradition,” he concluded.

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