Dismantling of a gang of industrial unit burglars

On Tuesday May 14, four criminals who had formed a gang were brought before the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Casablanca Court of Appeal by members of the Royal Gendarmerie, who remanded them in custody. Elements of the Royal Gendarmerie mobilized once they were informed that a case of burglary had targeted an industrial unit located not far from national road no. 1 linking Casablanca to Had Soualem. The investigations carried out by the investigators led to the identification of the four suspects, aged between thirty and forty. They were eventually put out of action. It turned out to be a very dangerous gang that had targeted several industrial units. According to the investigation, they committed more than forty burglary operations before being neutralized this time after meticulous investigations. The investigation also revealed that the four members of the gang, who appeared to be ex-convicts, lived in the Rahma area of Casablanca. Searches of their homes enabled investigators to seize part of their booty. The investigation is still ongoing to identify other accomplices, if any, as well as the fences.

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