Murder of Taroudant couple solved

Forty-eight hours after the discovery of the corpses of a couple in an abandoned house in Taroudant, elements of the Royal Gendarmerie succeeded in solving the case by arresting three suspects on Wednesday June 26.

They allegedly cut off the path of the deceased, a young man aged twenty-five, who was in the company of his nineteen-year-old girlfriend as they crossed a road in the douar of Aïn Al Mediour in the rural commune of Machraa El Aïn in the province of Taroudant. The trio, armed with knives, initially tried to kidnap the girl, but her companion intervened to save her from their clutches. Unfortunately, one of the three assailants fatally struck her in the neck.

As for the girl, who put up fierce resistance when they tried to rape her, she was strangled to death. The three murderers transported the two corpses in a three-wheeled vehicle and dumped them inside the abandoned house to conceal the traces of their crime.

On Sunday June 23, the girl’s family announced via social networks that their daughter had disappeared, specifying that she had left home for an unknown destination without giving any sign of life, only for her corpse to be discovered the next day, Monday June 24, along with that of her boyfriend, inside the abandoned house.
The three murderers were brought to justice on Saturday June 29 at the Agadir Court of Appeal.

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