She kills her lover and mutilates his private parts

Over a hundred years old, a father was in love with a woman in her forties. For a simple misunderstanding, she killed him before cutting off his genitalia.

This is the El Hajja douar in Rabat, a stronghold of drugs and crime not far from the VIP districts of the country’s administrative capital. But the bloodhounds of the Souissi-Takadoum security district, who watch over the safety of this neighborhood, do their utmost, both day and night, to combat all kinds of crime. Security seems to have reigned in all four corners of this district throughout the day of the Feast of Sacrifice on Monday June 17, and even the following day and the day after, Wednesday June 19. The only thing that caused a stir among the neighborhood’s inhabitants on the third day of the Feast of Sacrifice was a stench coming from one of its houses. A smell that stung the inhabitants’ noses and seemed to come from an animal carrion or a human corpse.

To reassure themselves, they alerted the police. After informing the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Rabat Court of Appeal, the detectives rushed to the scene. Instructions were given to open the door of the house. Entering the house, the investigators were confronted with the corpse of a male. Lying naked on a bed stained with coagulated blood, he appeared to be an old man with a serious wound to the abdomen. However, the perpetrator of this crime didn’t just murder, he mutilated the body. He amputated his genitalia and laid him out on a table. Searching the pockets of his clothes, the investigators found his national identity card and learned that he was born in 1920, father of a family, divorced and living in the El Farah district. What was this 104-year-old man doing in this house when he lived elsewhere? Who killed him and mutilated his body? Why did they do it? Was it revenge? Everything is possible.

Fingerprints and coagulated blood samples were taken from the crime scene by forensic police and transferred to the forensic laboratory for analysis. The corpse and amputated parts were taken to the morgue.
Less than a week later, the perpetrator of this horrible crime was identified. The perpetrator was a forty-four-year-old woman, a street vendor in Souika, douar El Hajja.
On Saturday June 22, she was arrested, taken into custody and interrogated.

Indeed, she confessed to being the perpetrator of this crime. She said she was in love with the victim, who rented her a house where they met from time to time. Lately, however, he had been forcing her to have unnatural sex with him. She refused to give in to him on the Feast of the Sacrifice, Monday June 17, when they met at the house. They had an argument, and she took out a knife, stabbed him to death and mutilated him. In other words, she committed her crime three days before the stench alerted the residents.
On Tuesday June 25, following an extension of the period of police custody, she was brought, under arrest, before the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Rabat Court of Appeal, who remanded her in custody before she was handed over to the examining magistrate.

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