Dior Cruise 2020: Dior Pays Tribute to Africa

On Monday, April 29th, the world met at Palace El Badii to celebrate and pay homage to the cradle of humanity through African-inspired musical pieces made by Dior Cruise.

Bandanas, jeans, and chic Texan looks are what marked the work of Maria Grazia Chuiri, who is proceeding in a quite determined approach and well significant one.

The Artistic Director of Dior has just presented a collection inspired by the magic of Africa where the Wax blended with the Dior touch like a happy marriage.

The press release that was sent to announce the event did explain that “The wax is rich of complexity, its manufacture is the result of a meticulous process in which symbols, technicality and creativity combine. Twenty stages of transformation are necessary to reach its final version. The wax is a real means of communication”.

The 75-year-old diva, Maria Grazia Chuiri, who has apparently found the Fountain of Youth, gave a memorable show by having the 800 guests enjoy her biggest designs. Indeed, Maria Grazia Chuiri wanted to convey a message of peace and love with this mixed collection.

More than just a parade, it is a necessary cultural event where African designers came together with the Italian Artistic Director who has collaborated with Pathé’O and Grace Wales Bonner, the famous talented Africans. The Italian Artistic Director helped the Sumano Association, which aims at reviving the ancestral tradition of Moroccan tribes, in designing a coat of its collection, an exclusive piece woven and painted by hand according to a tradition handed down from mother to daughter.

Cruise 2020 will mark the year of fashion and the seasons to come.

Wax is the new black!

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