Samira Said’s Party in Mazagan

The Moroccan “Diva” Samira Said wraps up a tour in her mother country with a party in the park of Mazgan of Al Jadida. A party which Samira is partaking with Redouan El Asmar who is going to kick off its first part.

The Mazagan party comes to take place after two other parties; the first was in Casablanca while the second took place in Tangier, where the singer donated the gains of the show to a local NGO. This was the same party that the Minister of Health, Mr Doukali, attended.

It is expected for Samira Said, who will join the list of artists who will be absent from this year’s edition of the international festival “Mawazine”, to perform in the Mazagan many of her well known songs to wrap up her tour of Morocco which was under the organization of Book Event Company of Mehdi Belkhyat, who traveled all the way to Cairo, to negotiate with the “Diva” the possibility of her performing a number of parties in Morocco after years of absence.

In coincidence with her tour in Morocco, Samira Said released a new single called “Mdalae”.

Samira, who was born in the capital of Morocco is regarded as one of the highly estimated singers in the Arab world.  She started her career at a young age with encouragements of the late king Hassan II who used to host her in his palace along with other great singers, Moroccans and Egyptians, in order to perform before him. It was there where Samira knew a lot of artists such as Abdlhalim Hafid before she  successfully sets out her journey in Egypt.

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