Simona is to Organize the Belly Dance Festival in the City of Marrakech

The Israeli dancer Simona Kizman said on her Facebook page that she is organizing the International Festival of Belly Dance this June in the city of Marrakesh.

The talented dancer added that there are about 18 belly dancing instructors participating in this international event as they will be training girls who have got potential and want to learn more about this oriental style of dancing before they compete with each other.

Simona mentioned also that there will be dancing workshops and wonderful parties taking place with the participation of famous dancers from Israel, USA, Egypt, Japan and Taiwan.

This is not the first time Simona organizes an international festival in Morocco. She already organized the Mediterranean Delight International Belly Dance Festival right after the terroristic attack in Marrakesh, to promote for tourism in Morocco after the deadly Argana event.    

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