Madonna is to Perform in the Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision is to host the international superstar Madonna, who is set to perform in the finals of this famous international contest on May 18 in Tel Aviv.

Israeli Media mentioned that Madonna will be receiving more than one million dollars as compensation during her performance in this festival by an Israeli Canadian Billionaire as she will be performing one of her new songs as a gift to her audience.

The French-Moroccan Bilal Hassani is taking part in this year’s edition of Eurovision, in which he is representing France with his song “Roi”. Surprisingly, Bilal has created quite a stir on social media when he once criticized Israel and supported “Dieudonné M’bala M’bala” the comedian actor and political activist.

On another scale, the Israeli Nita Barzilay has won the title last year with her song which was as a support for the famous movement “Me too” against sexual harassment.  

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