Noumane Lahlou and Bassou In “Morocco Day”

On June 9, the Moroccan musician Noumane Lahlou is to participate in the Morocco Day Festival which will be held in Alexandria, Virginia. The festival strives to celebrate Moroccan arts and contribute in introducing Morocco to Americans.

The producer Mohammed Elkartaoui, the Moroccan comedian Basou, Ahwash and Gnaoua Folklore music groups will take part in this artistic event which is under the organization of the Moroccan American Network (MAN).

Features of Moroccan fashion will be exhibited through the Moroccan caftan where a number of models and designers will seize the chance to introduce characteristics of the Moroccan traditional dress, which is regarded as an essential part of Moroccan patrimony and culture in Morocco Day within the United States of America.

It is the first time for the Moroccan cinema to be celebrated in the festival of Morocco Day where the organizers will dedicate this edition for broadcasting Moroccan movies via “Panorama Moroccan Films”. The Moroccan Scenarist Jihane Al-Bahar is participating in this current edition by her film “In the Wonderlands” which was a great success in the box office of national cinema halls and received many awards from famous international festivals. It is worth mentioning that Aziz Dadas and Majdoulin Idrissi, who are well known in Morocco, have participated in the afore mentioned film.

According to the committee of this event, Americans will have the chance to know more about the Moroccan Cinema and its cultural representation of Moroccan way of life.

It is said that MAN has got the acknowledgement from the Mayor of Washington to dedicate May 29 as an official day to celebrate Morocco in Washington. Add to this, MAN also received and official recognition from Alexandria City to devote June 9 as the official date to introduce Moroccan culture in there, these are the two salient recognitions which are referred to as Morocco Day.

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