Al-Madidi Fails to Reach the Title of Abu Dhabi’s Azzaman Al-jamil

The Moroccan contestant Ali Al-Madidi lost the trophy of the first season of the talent show Azzaman Al-jamil (the old beautiful time), which broadcasted its final episode last Friday evening on Abu Dhabi TV Channel, despite delivering outstanding performances and singing  heavy songs from the Classical Arabic song Repertoire.

Al-Madidi, who comes from the school of religious chanting, took the fourth position in the program according to the public vote which is likely to fall in favor of the Yemeni contestant Omar Yassin, the winner of the title, while the Egyptian Mohammed Shata took the second position and the Saudi contestant Musa Muaidi in third place, and finally the female contestant from Egypt Sabirine Annajili was excluded.

Al-Madidi, the son of the city of Casablanca, managed to overcome all stages of the program successfully and dazzled the members of the jury, which is composed of the Moroccan female Star Asmae Lemnour, the Egyptian female singer Angham, and the Lebanese musician and composer Marwan Khoury. In addition to the support of the viewers and the audience of the program, who praised his voice and techniques that enabled him in presenting the most difficult songs of the pioneers of the Arabic song such as “Kamel Al-Awsaf” (complete attributes) by Abdel Halim Hafez and “Jafna Alam El Yazil” by the composer of generations Mohamed Abdel Wahab or the wonderful “Ikhtalafna” (We differed) by the Arab artist Mohamed Abdo.

Many of the Moroccan artists interacted with Al-Madidi, who was previously recognized by the Arab audience in the “Al-Manshid Al Sharja” competition in which he finished third, and announced their support for him through their pages on social networking sites, among them was Saad Elmgered, Yusra Saouf, Jamila Badawi, Saida Sharaf And Duniya Batma who bombed the program intensively immediately after the Yemeni won the title, this reminds her of the painful memory of her exclusion in the Arab Idol final, which was streamed on the MBC Channel where the title was given to the female Egyptian karmen.

In this truck, Batma published on her Instagram page attacking “The beautiful time” “I was and will remain one of the haters of the amateur programs that break the wings of all Moroccan talents because they pose a danger to colleagues and artists in the arena, adding that the title means nothing at the time that means Perseverance, hard work and diligence are the best way to succeed. On the other side, Asmaa Lemnour, a member of the jury of the program, concluded through her pages on the social networking sites by congratulating all the contestants who had successfully reached the final and thanked the program managers and the channel “Abu Dhabi”.

Finally, the officials in the UAE channel, in the final episode that hosted the talented Ahlam, announced a second season of “The Beautiful Time”, in which the details will be released later. Adding that the program differs from other well-known talent show programs on various Arabic Channels, for it focus and gives priority to timeless songs that bring viewers back to the beautiful time of the Arabic song.

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