When Moroccans Prepare for Ramadan


Moroccans have got special preparations for the holy month. Preparations are almost similar to those of the Arab and Muslim countries, but still differ in some aspects.

With the looming of Ramadan, Moroccan families make great efforts to get elegantly ready Ramadan’s breakfast tables, which are full of the most tasty Moroccan food including “Shbakiya, Zamita, Briwat, Tajines, Harira, Msamen…Etc, and all possible types of soups. That’s why, shops and supermarkets happen to be overcrowded especially in the days that precede Ramadan. Along with that, also, stores of bakery tempt their clients with differently needed products in due Ramadan.

Tailors and stores which sell traditional clothes also get ready for Ramadan as the Moroccans intend to excessively purchase such types of clothes due to their decency and appropriateness with regards to Ramadan’s traditions as a holy month. These stores challenge each others in making designs and tastes for all people, including women, men and kids.

On the other side, stores of furniture and house-ware count also on this holy month to advertise for their products, especially that Moroccans would rather buy everything new for such an occasion. Some people even change the house’s furniture and painting while others get rid of all the old house-ware in order to start Ramadan in an optimistic and happy state.

Cafes and restaurants get prepared also to keep up with the new habits of this month. Some even prepare “Sohour”, the delayed meal that Muslims eat around 3.00am, where they present also shots of art and music for the purpose of entertaining the presence without neglecting spaces of “Shisha” which becomes widely consumed by then.

Mosques also get ready because of the piousness that Moroccans own in Ramadan. Therefore, mosques get prepared in terms of the facilities, the chiefs of prayer and assistants in order to receive people for the prayers over the whole month.

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