Mouss Maher: The Controversia

The Moroccan singer Maher is one of the most controversial artists in morocco. He always almost falls out of favor with his friends in the field, starting from the famous Moroccan singer Abdellah Daoudi to Adil Miloudi the Moroccan singer. Consequently, he created many enemies in the field by making such statements during his interviews in the Moroccan Media.

Our singer, who is from the eastern region of Morocco precisely from the city of Ahfir, is well known by his style which is a mixture of “Ray” and “Chaabi” the traditional Moroccan rhymes. He became famous thanks to his famous song “Lhmaq Hmaqi” along with other songs like “Corazon”, “Dagdaga” which are inspired by Algerian folklore. Mouss also succeeded in making a lot of duos with many Moroccan artists who have got potential including Zina Daoudiya, Reda Taliani, and Fany Jirdan as well.

It was in 1986 at “the Fair” stage in Oujda when Maher appeared at the first time. Later on, he managed to participate in one of the contest shows called “Sibaq Al-Mudun” where he released his first album in 1999. Unfortunately, he failed to attract the Moroccan public that time but never gave up. Mouss continued the good work and enhance his abilities along with his skills in the field to finally come up with a good profile that brought him success.

Maher along with his wife Khadija have been organizing a lot of shows inside the country and abroad as well. They performed a lot of Moroccan traditional rhymes in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia as they got a lot of Fans that time.

Mouss, or Mostafa Mahraoui, is now living between Paris and Casablanca where he runs a Cafe together with his artistic works. It is not surprising to say that he also owns a barbershop located in Paris because his first job was shaving.

Mostafa Mahraoui is a model of a self-made person. He was living a marginalized city “Ahfir” singing and performing theater on the age of 12. He succeeded after a long period of perseverance and hard work to perform in the biggest festivals like “Mawazine” and “Zenith” in Algeria.

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