Assi El Hallani, Najwa Karam, Elysa, and Meryam Fares in Mawazine

From June 21 to 29, Mawazine is hosting the greatest Arab and Moroccan singers who will perform their beautiful songs during this international event.

NAHDA stage in Rabat is going to be initiated by the beautiful Lebanese singer Carole Samaha and the talented Moroccan singer Mohamed Reda. It is certain that the stage will be thrilled by the presence of the legend Assy Hillani “the knight of the Arab Music” who is going to perform along with his friend, the Lebanese star Meryam Fares.

Additionally, the Moroccan singer Yousra Saouf, who graduated from the contest Show “Arab Idol”, also takes part in Mawazine together with the famous Egyptian Duo “Oka and Ortika” and the Palestinian singer Mohamed Assaf the winner of the Arab Idol. Many of talented and greatest singers are also taking part in this show, the Egyptian Said Soghayar, the Lebanese singer Elysa, and the Moroccan artist Hamid Hadri. Number of artists is to participate this year in Mawazine among them are: the Lebanese singer Walid Toufiq, the Jordanian singer Diana Carazone, the pop-star Ramy Ayash, Hasnae Zalagh, the beautiful Najwa Karam, the Egyptian singer ABOU who is famous by his song “Talat Daqat” along with the famous Youssra.

The gulf rhymes will be performed on the stage by the famous legend from emirates Mr. Hussein Jassimi who is celebrating his 15 years in the field.

The public will have the chance to meet with the young artist Zaynab Oussama who is going to perform some of her beautiful songs. Zaynab started her artistic career by winning the first place in a contest show at the Egyptian Opera house as she got the title of the X Factor in its Arabic version by 2013.  

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