Travis and Migos in Mawazine

The 18th edition of the Mawazine Festival, which is organized under the patronage of His Majesty King of Morocco Mohammed VI, is hosting Travis Scott, a 27-year-old rapper from the US, who has been able to lay his own special trademark in the rap world since his collaboration with Kenny West in 2013 who helped him produce his first song and contributed to his first album “Rodeo” alongside Justin Bieber.

Today, he enjoys a trending love life with his famous wife, Kelly Jenner, the sister of the popular TV reality star Kim Kardashian.

On June 26, Travis concert at Souissi Stage in Rabat will acknowledge the R&B rising star “Aya Nakamura” who born in 1995 in Mali and turn out to become a superstar in less than a year by providing joyful rhythms to the daily routine of the French youth in 2018 with her sparkling songs before her album “Journal Intime” was granted a golden tape award in 2017.

Morocco of Cultures World organization announces the inclusion of another name to their list of participants at Mawazine; the American rap band “Migos”, will display on the coming Thursday, June 27.

This band became known all over the world in 2013 with their song “Versace” and then with their album “No Label 2” and also the song “Bad & Boujee” from their second album “Studio Capture” in 2017, which took the first place in the ‘‘Bill board Heat 100’’with over 13 Million followers on Facebook and Instagram.

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