Zahra El-Yaacoubi: the Queen of Colors

Zahra El-Yaacoubi is one of the greatest Caftan designers in Morocco. She started her career during her participation in the famous Fashion Show CAFTAN which is held by “Femme de Maroc” magazine. Later on, she succeeded to dazzle the jury, which is composed of the greatest fashion designers, by the beauty of her designs the fact that made famous designers in morocco give her the opportunity to stand on the “CAFTAN” big stage along with talented designers.

Zahra studied Fashion, Caftan design, and tailoring at the “Collège LaSalle” in Casablanca. She managed to create her own style in the Moroccan fashion scene which was the reason that led Arab and Moroccan stars do work with her.  In this vein, here are some of the famous stars who have tried her design: the Syrian legend singer Mayada Hinawi, the famous Hussein Jassimi, the Egyptian Nadia Mostafa, Samira Said, the king of Ray Cheb khaled, the Moroccan singer Asmae Lamnawar, Huda Saad, Hamid Qasry, the Algerian Mohammed Lamine, the Tunisian actress Hind Sabri and the list is too long.

Zahra get inspired by her mother who taught her the profession. She is eager to maintain the authenticity of the Moroccan Caftan along with making some modern touches on it. In her designs, our artist is known by her creativity in mixing colors, and fabrics along with embroideries the thing that made her unique, quite open, courageous, audacious and so demanding. More importantly, her happiness and patience attracted the public opinion where they once called her “the queen of colors”.

 The beautiful Zahra in not only attracted by Fashion, but she is also Fan of the Moroccan soccer team “Raja El-Bidawi”. She has got a good personality, distinguished, and very active in the artistic scene. However, she is one of the most controversial Caftan designers in morocco. She once criticized the wife of the previous Prime Minister Abdelilah Benikar when she appeared with a large Caftan during her visit to US. She found no offense to call her Caftan “Khansha dial Thin” which means “a big box of flour”. In addition to that, she dared to diminish the costumes of the Moroccan female artists during their passage on the red carpet film festival. She is absolutely the only one who wished the king Mohammed VI wears her designs.       

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