Kao: Education and Beauty

Kaoutar Boudarraja began her professional career in the world of fashion and beauty which she got into at a young age before she became a star in a brief of time thanks to her beautiful features such as a unique beauty and a harmonious body and a charisma that many of her colleagues lack.

Although Kaoutar loves everything related to beauty and fashion, yet this did not deter her from taking other bigger steps. She is not the kind who relaxes in one comfortable position, she always loves challenges though. Taking risks and interchanging between careers and professional fields are the most enjoyable things Kaoutar loves to do.

The Moroccan and Arab audience new Boudraja in the first edition of the contest show “Star Academy”, which was streamed on Nessma TV a few years ago, where her musical talents have been discovered. Even though she was unable to win the title of the program as a participant alongside others from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the managers of the program were able to discover in her a suitable profile as a program animator thanks to her strong potential and personality. By that she had her first shot in the media field through the TV programs ‘’NASS NESMA’’, ‘’FAMILY HOUSE’’ and ‘NOT FOR MEN’’, before returning to her home country and wowing the Moroccan audience through the ‘Jari Ya Jari’’ TV program on Medi1 TV channel.

Kaoutar Boudarraja, or Kau as her friends would like to call her, has been absent from TV to focus on shooting and advertising projects along with the role she played in a Kurdish film in which she has been awarded a prize at a Mexican festival. Additionally, she went back to participate in various contest shows where she competed vigorously and fiercely and received the testimony of the media experts and TV presenters who attended her shows to the end. Unfortunately, she couldn’t add any more regardless of her strong and attractive Professional.

Our talented artist was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has struggled and worked hard to reach where she got today, especially she is not a kind of flexible one seeking for fame by any means, and also she is not a kind just preferred by the ordinary public. She showed strength and personality in addressing the audience as she prefers to be tough than to play the role of a victim or emotionalist, more reason why her audience love her.

Kao is one of the successful women who combine beauty, culture and struggle. Alongside her numerous readings and fluency in Arabic, French and English, she is known for her advocacy for women’s rights and equality in front of men.

Today, after all her successful experiences, she plays the most important role in her life as a mother to a beautiful child she gave birth to almost a year ago and  went away from the spotlight a period of time before she returned at the Marrakech International Film Festival, awaiting her new project.

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