Amrani: the Passing Away of a ”Giant” Artist

Abdellah Amrani, who was born in Marrakech in 1941, passed away recently after a long struggle with geriatrics and cancer in the head. He was from a literate and education loving family. His father was a teacher of religious sciences at Ben Youssef University in the Red City (Marrakech)

 His passion for art made him register to a school of acting in the late fifties, where he studied theater and the basics of characterization for good three years alongside other famous personalities such as Aziz Mawhub, Mohamed Hassan Al-Jundi and Malika Ammari.

Amrani worked with the giants of the Moroccan theater, on top of the list was Tayeb Siddiqi who appeared with him in the play “The Last Chapter” about the communion kings (Molouk Attawaef) in Andalusia following it up with later many theater roles, most of which was inspired and derived from the literary works of Shakespeare and Moliere. He later joined an acting band sponsored by the National radio and worked with the band in filming, acting and directing series of art works.

 Amrani was known for his calmness and his good relationship with his colleagues. He was also known for his professional commitment and time punctuality for the filming procedures, which earned him the trust and respect of all his staff.

Amrani has played many roles in cinema, TV, radio, and theater, most notably his role in the famous film “The Message” by the late famous director Mustafa Akkad as well as his role in the serial “Saqr Quraysh” or in the international film “Lawrence of Arabia” which brought him to the midst of top stars such as Anthony Quinn, Peter O’Toole and Omar Al-Sherif. In addition to his other works such as: ASSARAB, AZZEFT, MAKTUUB, THEY ESCAPED, BIDAWA, WOMEN, FRIENDS OF YESTERDAY, ALI RABIA AND THE OTHERS, THE GHOST OF NIZAR, THE CORNER MOULAY SHERIFF, and THE SYMPHONY OF MOROCCO. The roles through which he made his mark in the memory of different Moroccan generations, over of course a successful art career that lasted more than Half a century.

 His last work was about a year before his death, when he starred in the film “Return of King Lear,” which was directed by Hisham Al-Wali. As a result, this role earned him the best actor award at the University Film Festival in Kenitra. Adding that to the giant list of awards achieved in his long acting career consisting of: the Best Actor Award at the First African Festival in Algeria by 1969, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Award, and the First Order of Merit of the First Class, which was presented by the late King Hassan II.

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