Fadili Wraps Up “Aji Tahdham’’ Festival

The comedian Hanan Fadili Wrapped up the fifth edition of the festival hosted in Rabat, with her comic performances in front of several prominent Moroccan names in the field of “Stand-Up Comedy”. Among are Idriss, Mehdi, Bassou, Amine Radi and the famous duo Amine Benghazi and Obaidullah Hilal popularly known as “les inqualifiables”.

 Fadili, the jewel from an artistic family, delivered an artistic performance at the Mohammed V National Theater, with a glimpse from her daily life routine. She talked about herself and shared details of her life with the audience she had not seen in years.

She was able to put smile on their faces with a well composed skits and a perfect dialogue, using a fitting physical expression imitating various characters and personalities.

Over 90 minutes, she gave a fascinating comedy show that was extracted from the cultural trends in the Moroccan society. Stories were carrying a lot of messages despite her sarcastic nature. She talked about love, femininity, marital life and politics.

Hanan was known to the Moroccan audience through her works, such as “The Camera for You”, “Super Hadda”, “Hanan Show”, “Télé Hanan” and “Fash Khaddam”. Later on, she has been away from the stages few years after her marriage.

 The “Aji Thdam” Festival was established in 2015 and has succeeded in attracting thousands of spectators from Rabat and other Moroccan cities which has hosted the festival from Agadir to Tangier, Oujda, Casablanca, US, Paris, Quebec, Montreal, New York, Orlando, Boston and many more.

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