Latifa Raafat: The Icon of the Moroccan song

Latifa Raafat is regarded as an outstanding Moroccan song icon. She dominates the Moroccan generations with her songs; titled “Khiyi”, “Meghyara”, “ana faark Ya Yema” and “Ya Aheli Ya Ashrani”, she also collaborated with the Algerian rap singer Mohamed Lamine to sing “Twahashtek Bezaf” through which she demonstrated her ability to compete with the youth song and also surpass the stars.

 She exceeded the number of YouTube views with her light songs such as “Kunna wa Kuntu’’, touching the hearts of the younger generation while her old aged audience would prefer the classics.

She was discovered by Hamid Al-Alaoui the composer and producer who helped her song “Khiyi” to win the best Moroccan song award year 1985 a year after her marriage to him, and two years after the release of her first song “Mawal Al Hob” in 1982, he had a great impact in her artistic career before their divorce.

 Her beauty never fades as time passes by despite her age (54 years old), she remain elegant and glowing taking good care of her charming body.

She prefers the Moroccan Caftan as she appears with it in every show locally and internationally. She has a good rapport with her nation; a homeland that has always been her home and she refuse to leave, opposing many of her colleagues who in turn reached out for more fame and global popularity.

Latifa Raafat, or “Sultana Attarab” has suffered the shocking death of her brother Jawad who also was her closest friend. Consequently, this was the toughest and most severe of all the challenges she experienced in her life. She loved him so much despite years of his death, Latifa still cry whenever she performs the song “Khiyi” which she always avoid in her shows if not for the persistence of the audience.

She was shocked at the death of her brother in a traffic accident, which isolated her from the world and people. She even considered complete retirement from the music world thanks to the intervention of King Mohammed VI, who advised her to continue according to her statement during an interview with the Algerian daily newspaper.

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