Amine Naji: The Chameleon

Amine Naji starred in the role of “Al-Mhaidi” he played in “Wjae Trab” (Wrench of Dust) serial and continue to record success for himself in different roles brilliantly. He quickly became the favorite preferred by Moroccan film and show directors thanks to his ability to perform all characters in different roles.

He used to be a shy young guy who does not like fame, stardom or popularity. He never considered acting even though he loves art and characterizing. He studied accounting and business management before his uncle, the Director Shafiq al-Shaimi, decided to exploit his talent and included him in his theater group.

Amine became so popular among the Moroccan public. He knows perfectly how to choose his roles; he starred already in many roles on TV including: The Secret of the Coral which is directed by Shawki Al-Oufir, Al-Hayani by Kamal Kemal, Touria, the Stranger, Ezz Lmdina, and the Past Never Die.

Talking about Cinema, Amine convinced the audience by his outstanding performances in every movie he participated in. He thusly established himself as a well talented actor through Films like: “Do you remember Adil?”, the Forgotten, the Road of Kabul, Androman, and the controversial film “Much Love” By the Director Nabil Ayoush.

His career is full of success. Mr. Naji has received many international and national awards in playing the mentioned roles. He came from an artistic family that has the respect of the movie icons of Morocco as his family home is being visited week after week by young and old caliber of actors such as: Tayeb Sadiqi, Nass Al-Ghiwan, Tagadda, Ahmed Senousi, Mohamed Afifi, and Mostafa Salamat…He was married to the beautiful actress Jamila Al-Houni having a son before they had their divorce. He, now, married for the second time to a young woman who is far from the artistic field.

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