Latifa Ahrar: The Spoiled

She was introduced to the Moroccan audience and stole their heart with a superb role played in the serial “Bent Lfshoush”. Although she was just 16 years old, Latifa was able to prove herself in her first role to stand side by side with late Arab icons Alarbi Daghmi and Hibiba Madkouri.

 She wanted to become an astronaut. Although She never thought she will be an artist until her success in her first role, which she happen to be offered by chance, made her decide to improve the talent by seeking an academic training to join the Higher Institute of theatrical art and cultural activism after having to stop her university education.

 She ended up by taking part in several exceptional roles in serials along with movies such as “Min dar ldar”, “Sarab”, “Aoud Rih”, “Mona Saber”, “Jawharat Bent lhabs”, “The Man Who Sold the World” and “Contessa”.

Latifa is not like her fellow Moroccan artists, she is completely different from them. She loves to read and create space for her work as a theater professor. She also likes exploring places to learn about new cultures, rather than showing off at concerts, events and sharing photos with fans on social networks.

  She is an educated person with bold attitudes and independent thought. Same attributes that led to the discontent of the conservative society when she released her play “Kafar Naoum”, which sparked controversy, because of the “bikini” she wore during her theatrical performance. It is considered by the Islamic classical sects in Morocco as a disrespectful and an immoral act. She even received death threats.

Ahrrare also caused some controversies because of a picture of her on the cover of the “Femina” magazine putting on a long jacket with nothing underneath, just as she has done earlier with an open caftan worn at a the International Film Festival session in Marrakech.

 Ahrrare is one of the liberal artists who love her art. She did not hesitate to shave her full hair to play her role in the film “The Devil”.

Art comes before her personal life, family and children as nothing will ever stop her creativity and writing skill.

She, the artist from Amazigh Origin, played a number of few but distinctive roles throughout her long artistic career. She prefers a high class choice and a standard cooperation in her work rather than money, because she is keen to maintain her status and her name in the artistic field.

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