Honoring Nabila Obayd and Miftah in the City of Meknes

The first edition of the International Festival of Arab Film, hosted in Meknes, honors the Egyptian artist Nabila Obayd alongside her fellow artists Mahmoud Kabil and Amr Saad. The festival also honors the great Moroccan screenwriter Mohamed Miftah and the Algerian model Sidi Ahmed Akoumi.

During the festival, a number of Moroccan and Egyptian films will be screened during the competition. Seminars and workshops will be organized over the course of a week on the current situation of Arab film production.

The first edition of the festival, which is attended by at least 15 Arab countries, will present the winners with several awards, including the Grand Prix of the festival, best director and screenplay awards, best actor and best actress awards as well as the Audience Award.

 The festival, organized by the Great Meknès Zaytouna Association, aims to strengthen the cinematic culture within the city and the province of Fez/Meknes in general, and contribute to the promotion of artistic and cultural events.

It also seeks to expose the quality of Arab film productions in all forms and stages of cinematic creativity, starting from the image and output, the picturization, and scenarios in order to put an end to pointless, repeated and effortless works.

Finally, it will raise a serious question about the concept of culture in general and also many cultural, social and economic issues concerning the Moroccan and Arab citizens.

The festival is coordinated by the actor and director Idriss Roukh, and organized in partnership with the city council of Meknes, province of Fez/Meknes and the Ministry of Culture and Communication, through a delegation led by the President of the National Council of Cinema Khalid Abdeljalil.

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