Azizi causing controversy with his song “Kwitini”

Faisal Azizi released a new song titled “Qouli Alash Kwitini”, a song from the Jewish “Shgouri” heritage. This song is quite famous in Morocco; it is the theme song of the famous serial “Disk Hyati”.

The song sparked controversy on social networking pages because of its sexual connotation classifying it to be “pornographic” according to some spectators. Aziz has been criticized on several occasions since posting a picture on Instagram in support of homosexuality and launching a Hash-tag decriminalizing the act.

Faisal Azizi was introduced to the Moroccan audience as a member of the “Kalma” band in 2006 after the great success of their song “Warda Ala Warda”. He left the band in 2010 due to personal and professional reasons and swapped to comic and acting.

He played the role of “Lehbib” in the famous French serial “Kabul Kitchen” for three consecutive seasons, and then later released his own version of the song “Hakka Mamma” which was a great success. The song was previously performed by the legendary group “Nass El Ghiwane”, with the voice of the late Boujema, in the wonderful play (Harraz) directed by the great artist Tayeb Siddiqi.

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