Anas El-Baz: The Handsome

Despite his participations in several TV series on Al-Oula Moroccan channel, the name Anas never rings a bell to the Moroccan audience.

Anas El-Baz moved from Rabat to France at the age of 18 to complete his studies in commerce and business administration before he fell in love with acting and decided to swap his career by attending a “Cours Florent” classes in Paris for four years.

He decided to return to Morocco to see if he can make it as an actor there. He indeed succeeded and reaped a lot of fame in his country thanks to his records and his acting skills.

He became famous after his appearance in the controversial film “Casa Negra” produced by the contentious filmmaker Nour-Eddine Lakhmari. He won several awards on his role in the movie including the best actor award at the Dubai International Film Festival.

His talented display in the movie has promoted him to more important roles by Moroccan directors. Mohammed Muftakir featured him in his first movie “Al-Buraq” where he played a brilliant and successful role, also a success in movies like “The Extra Love” by Ibrahim Shukayri and “Half of the sky” movie by Abdelqader Lqtie. He later limited his appearance on TV series except for few such as “Cut from a tree” serial which means a homeless person and “Momo ainiya” TV show which means my eyes.

El-Baz has been active on social pages with different posts and pictures for his fans especially after his marriage to his Indonesian fiancée Sarah. They both attend all artistic and cultural events around the globe as he tries to make up for his absence from the spot light after a serious injury that nearly cost him his eyes in a traffic accident.

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