Incredible: A Cat Steals the Show from Models During the Dior Fashion Show in Marrakech

Recently, I announced on my latest stories on Instagram that most local celebrities and influential personalities could not attend the Dior show in Marrakech. A strange and funny incident occurred at the classical event when a cat quietly strolled in the public like a model; it quickly got the attention of the media and created a scene when it peed on the outfit of a model.

Marrakech, cats’ territory

You might have heard about how interesting cats in Marrakech are; well, what happened in Dior Show is a confirmation of what you have heard. In the middle of the show, a cat found its way to the floor parading like models. The footage was quickly filmed and became viral on the internet. We had a real Catwalk on a highly anticipated stage and with a brand of classic fashion that we no longer present. In the middle of everything, the cat gently made its own way with pride but messed it up when it urinated on one of the model.  

It was a terrible move that caught the eyes of everyone.

An unusual moment

This parade in the red city showed that it was not only the models that could spice the show. A cat could clearly do the same as it gently invited herself to the stage to mingle with many models. Suddenly, the cat stood like a model parading to the audience and then sneaked in between a model’s dress to show up in front of spectators who in turn were amused by this hilarious show.

A popular fashion show

Dior organized its long-awaited parade to present its collections “Croisière 2020” by the talented designer Maria Grazia Chiuri. The event was held in “Ksar Dar El-Badii”, an old and beautiful venue in Marrakech, with many international actors and actress attending the event.

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