Amine and Obayd: The “American Tour” is a Dream that Came True

Simo Benbashir hosted the comedian duo Amine and Obayd, who are popularly known in Morocco as “Les Inqualifiables”, during the ninth episode of “Nayda f’Hollywood” in the famous online platform “Le 360”. They talked about the successful achievement of a dream tour to the United States after many years of hard work and struggle.

The planning for the tour took three years as their first visit to the US was to meet up with some managers and official producers so as to make some contacts. On the other hand, they were looking for halls and locations for the show before meeting their Moroccan audience living in the United States so as to have an idea about the number of seats and to get familiar with the spot as well.

During the interview, they talked about their 2019 tour in Canada and US where they have performed in many regions including Montreal, New York, Cleveland, Virginia, Houston, Miami, Orlando, San Diego, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Amine and Obayd found this very exceptional claiming that this is the beginning of a good career.

They appreciated the Moroccan Fans that showed up with great energy to their first and largest show declaring that it will be followed by another tour to the United States and various European countries such a lot of countries like Italy, France, Belgium and Spain.

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