Saida Fikri: My Family Before my Career

In the eighth episode of his program “Nayda f’Hollywood”, Simo Benbachir hosted the Moroccan singer Saida Fikri who shared memories of her early days as one multitalented 12 year-old girl starting a musical career year 1994. Saida said she had no challenge at the beginning as her first album “Saloni Ala Adab” made a quick and great success.

Saida Fikri moved to the United States to start a new journey after her first album, though she admitted it wasn’t easy for her “It’s hard to start in a foreign country with a different culture and a language you only understand little, especially with the fact that I had to take care of my little baby. It doesn’t matter if you are a star in your country, you will always face challenges moving to a new society”.

She worked with top producers in New York and big musical stars such as Beyonce and Whitney Houston also released an album titled One World before embarking on tours in the US and Canada with most of her Moroccan fans attending to support her success. She said “It was not easy but with ambition, will, and determination the goal can be achieved”.

All her songs were in Darija and Arabic, but she is preparing her new song in English. She talked about her new project saying: “I dedicated my entire career for the joy of my beloved Moroccan fans but today I want to go international after many years in the United States”. Though she refuses to say much about the project, but promised to present a different rhythm and style that will surprise the audience. “I live a quiet life here, like a wife and a mother, I believe that the family has priority over everything” Saida said.

“In my eyes, family is everything and I can give up my career for the sake of my family”.

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