Thousands of Followers Warmly Welcome Rabbi Pinto as he Arrives in Israel

Thousands of followers of Israeli Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto gathered at Tel Aviv’s David Ben Gurion Airport to see him upon his arrival from New York, where he underwent a successful surgery a few weeks ago.

Pinto’s followers, who came from all over Israel to welcome him, chanted his name and congratulated him on the success of his surgery and wished him a speedy recovery and a long life, so that he would continue to serve the Torah and the Jewish religion throughout the world. 

Rabbi Pinto receives his followers and disciples at his home in Ashdod, where his organization Shuva Isarël was founded, asking for advice and “Baraka” (blessing), just as they learn the teachings of Kabbalah.

It worth mentioning that Forbes magazine has ranked Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto among the 10 richest rabbis in Israel. The international press considers him to be the rabbi of stars, rich people and celebrities.

Rabbi Pinto is originally from the city of Essaouira in Morocco, where his paternal great-grandfather’s sanctuary is still a pilgrimage destination for Jews all over the world. His maternal great-grandfather is Rabbi Israel Abehassera, known as “Baba salé” (praying father).

Rabi Pinto lives between Ashdod in Israel and New York City, where he is being treated for cancer, and he regularly travels to Morocco, especially after his appointment by HM King Mohammed VI as President of the Rabbinical Court.


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