Saidia’s Summer Season has Started

Saidia Development Company, which is responsible for supervising and promoting city resorts, announced the beginning of the 2019 summer season in Saidia.

Created in 2011 and jointly owned by CDG (66%), the Moroccan Fund for Tourism Development (Ithmaar) (34%) and the tourism branch of the Madaef group, this company works to rehabilitate the infrastructure and supervise the development of the resort, while ensuring a better repositioning and increasing the capacity of the existing hotels, with a view to achieving the optimal reception capacity to market their services to the main players, in addition to providing new tourist accommodation, new real estate, more leisure and entertainment facilities, and creating a business center within the city.

Located in the northeast, on the Mediterranean coast, Saidia has a marina considered to be the third largest port in the Mediterranean Sea in terms of mooring area. The project of its development and promotion benefits from the support of the highest authorities of the country and many governmental bodies in order to make it a privileged tourist destination.

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