Hind Noursine: A Moroccan Success Story in the United Arab Emirates

She is one of the most beautiful, famous and important Moroccan businesswomen in the United Arab Emirates. She comes from Derb Sultan district and she is proud of it. How could she not be, when it is the same district where the greatest Moroccan intellectuals, writers, artists and personalities are born.

Hind Noursine left Morocco at a very young age with small suitcase and many dreams for which she worked really hard to achieve. Today, after more than 20 years in Sheikh Zayed’s country, she owns a series of institutes and beauty salons for women called Monte Carlo, employing 60 people from various countries including Morocco, Thailand, Lebanon and Syria, in addition to her cosmetics brand which bears her own name.

Hind has settled in Al Ain, as it is the Emirate where her husband lives. But she travels between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to supervise her business and projects. She also visits Morocco whenever the opportunity arises, especially during the month of Ramadan, which she spends only within her country and among her family and friends.

Despite her wealth, reputation, business success and prestige in the United Arab Emirates, “Hannuda”, as her friends like to call her, has never renounced her humility and simplicity. She visits her neighborhood and neighbors regularly, provides help to all those who need it, treats the poor and rich in the same way and does charity work in complete discretion.

Noursine has succeeded in establishing herself professionally. After years of hard work and perseverance, she managed to become a member of the Abu Dhabi Economic Council of Businesswomen, composed mainly of prominent sheikhs and businesswomen from the United Arab Emirates. But, with unlimited ambition, she still has other challenges to overcome.

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