Farah El Fassi: From a Nurse to a Movie Star

Farah El Fassi, Tetouan’s beautiful young woman, was far from imagining that she would become an actress and television star. She had started with simple odd jobs as a telephone operator, administrative employee in a hospital, nurse in a doctor’s office or even a pharmacy employee, before director Mohammed Chrif Tribak discovered her talent and gave her a role in his feature film, “Zamane Arrifaq”, which deals with the era of socialism, comrades and academic activism. This was in 2008, before her film roles followed one another with films such as Mohammed Ismail’s “Ihbat”, also from the northern region, then “Attifl Acheikh”, in which she played a minor role, then “Bougababa” and “Afrah Saghira”, for which she won the prize for best supporting actress at the Tangier National Film Festival.

Farah El Fassi has also starred in several short films such as Youssef El Allioui’s “Ticachbila”, but she has only achieved real public notoriety through the distinguished roles she has played on television, such as her participation in the first and second part of the series “Mrahba b shabi”, her role in the series “Al qalb al majrouh”, “Azz al madina”, alongside Amine Ennaji and “Assafha Al oula” where she shared the poster with the two great artists Driss Roukhe and Saad Tasouli.

Farah El Fassi also became known following the great love story she had with the artist Omar Lotfi, whom she finally married after the media broadcast the news of their lightning love, thus becoming one of the most famous and beautiful couples in the current art scene.

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