Hicham Hajji: I Had to Emigrate to Hollywood to Make my Dream Come True

For the 23rd episode of Nayda F’Hollywood, Simo Benbachir hosted Moroccan director Hicham Hajji who emigrated from Casablanca to Hollywood in order to realize his American dream of becoming one of the most famous Moroccan directors in the United States.

Hajji told Simo about his beginnings in the film industry when he was executive producer and had been involved in production, just as he had contributed to the making of many French, American and Arab films, before he decided to be personally behind the camera to produce and direct his own films. He points out that “working conditions in the film industry in Morocco are not good because of the many problems facing the film industry. Thus, it was necessary for me to emigrate to the United States to realize my dream. I wrote the story of my film and tried to find a way to distribute it internationally. At the moment, we are in the process of finalizing it before it is released. »

Regarding the story of his film, Hicham Hajji points out that it “revolves around an American archaeologist who travels to Morocco to study archaeological discoveries that could change the history of the world and humanity. But during her visit, she will be kidnapped by a terrorist gang belonging to an organization specializing in the sale of weapons throughout the world whose interest is to spread tensions in the region, before her husband decides to save her from terrorists.”, he continued, ” this story is similar to those of all American films intended for the general public. It is a film based on a love story but with a political and commercial message as a background. This film also shows Morocco, beautiful, efficient and whose security and intelligence services are making considerable efforts to combat terrorism and bring peace and security to the country. »

And about the Moroccan actors involved in the film, Hajji said they are no less important and talented than those in Hollywood. They are Don Bigg, Karim Saidi and Younes Benzakour. But as for the great American actor Andy Garcia, who is also involved in the film, Hajji pointed out that it is not easy for an artist of this size to work with a director who is making his first feature film, unless he has appreciated the script and the story. “Andy Garcia doesn’t need money to work with me. He wants to preserve the quality of his roles in American cinema.”

Referring to his collaboration with Garcia, Hajji points out that “in addition to being a great actor, he is also humble, human and sublime in his relationships. I had an amazing week with him. He treats me in the same way as he did with the other directors he worked with.

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