Mehdi Mozayine… The Future of Moroccan Song

Mehdi Mozayine is considered one of the best young talents to have emerged on the Moroccan artistic scene in recent years. Although this young singer and composer has not yet reached his thirties, he has already produced a number of successful and respectable works. The latest is the one he launched on the occasion of Aid El Adha under the title “Wa ya laghram”, a popular song with a modern style and which stands out from all his previous works, thus confirming one of his strong points, namely the diversity of his songs which have only their quality in common.

Mehdi Mozayine entered the world of song through composition. But despite his young age, he has managed to win many successes on the Moroccan and Arab artistic scene and to win the trust of many stars of Moroccan song, in the forefront of which is the great artist Asmaa Lamnawar, for whom he composed the famous song “Ando azzine Ando Lahamam”. He also composed for Ahmed Chawki the song “Kaina Wala Ma Kainach”, for Abdelkader Douzi the song “Al mouja”, for Hatim Iddar “Irtahou ya houssad”, as well as for Lamiae Zaïdi, the song “W”.

But because he has a beautiful voice and a graceful silhouette, Mehdi Mezine, who was born in Casablanca in 1993, has decided to embark on a career as a singer, in addition to that of a composer. His first song entitled “Ma khasser walou” was in the form of a duet with Hanane Lakhdar, a revelation of the Star academy and was distributed by Khalil Belkas, alias Dj Van, who was behind the success of many songs by young artists. Later, he will revisit the song “Alah ya qalbi” that popular song star Abdallah Daoudi has already performed, but Mehdi will manage to give it a new lease of life thanks to his original style.

Similar to the romantic Rai, the song “Khalliti fi qalbi jorh” is undoubtedly Mehdi Mezine’s most accomplished work because of the fact that it was able to win the admiration of critics, the press and the public, while positioning itself at the top of the ranking for months. And for good reason, this artist has demonstrated his ability to vary musical styles and to show undeniable talent as a singer and composer. This has made him an artist with whom it is now difficult to compete. Therefore, the latter deserves to be considered as the future of the young Moroccan song, just as it deserves the royal decoration it received from HM Mohammed VI.

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