PUBG… The Deadly Video Game

Many psychologists have expressed their concerns about the serious damage that the PUBG combat video game is likely to cause to its fans, including a large proportion of Arab youth, from the Atlantic to the Gulf, is already addicted, after having exceeded 100 million downloads and 15 million copies sold, in just four months after its launch two years ago. This game has also been downloaded more than 32 million times from the Android Store, becoming the most downloaded game in more than 100 countries, with more than 400 million users, while the time spent on its use by players is estimated at about 25 years.

It’s easy to register for this game. All you have to do is log in online, register your name and choose a virtual character or avatar to start playing individually or as a team, starting from 4 people. Communication between team members is done through a microphone and headphones. At the end of the game, only one person is declared the winner, knowing that each game brings together 100 players from all over the world who, in order to survive, engage in a fierce fight between themselves.

It is a fighting game based on violence, war and gunfire, similar to what happens in American movies. This has led many experts to sound the alarm, pointing out that this is a game that reinforces aggressive tendencies and encourages violence against others, especially among children and adolescents in addictive situations.

Thus, these specialists point out that this type of video game creates an obsession in the player, because it provides him with a lot of pleasure and thrills and increases his adrenaline level because of the enthusiasm he feels during the game. This enthusiasm quickly fades as soon as he pauses or stops gambling, which can increase the risk factor for addiction.

In an interview with our site, Amina, mother of a 15-year-old teenager, tells us that she faces many difficulties with her son, who is addicted to this kind of fighting video game, because “he prefers to isolate himself in his room to play his favourite game as soon as he gets home from school and finishes his homework. During the game, he does not talk to anyone, does not respond to any invitation to eat, rest or walk. He becomes angry if he is interrupted by his father or by me. »
It should be noted that this game has not only spread to teenagers, but that adults and seniors have also been enchanted by it, causing them many professional and family problems. “I am addicted to these games, especially PUBG, to the point that I take hours away from my professional time to play, which wastes my time and causes an accumulation of tasks not performed. This continues even when I come home, I can’t spend time with my wife to listen to her and discuss our children’s problems with her. I look forward to getting back into the game away from the hassles. Such behaviour on my part makes her very sad that she sees in this game a kind of rival. “, explains Hassan.

For their part, security experts have pointed out the dangerous nature of this type of game based on deadly violence, after the increase in crimes related to similar games. Indeed, an Egyptian student killed his teacher in 2018 because of PUBG, just as a young Kurd killed his friend in an attempt to imitate the fighting there.

In Jordan, the authorities have warned against downloading and using the game because it encourages murder and guerrilla warfare. In one of its latest issues, Sayidati magazine confirmed that Saudi Arabia is considering banning PUBG, as has happened in other countries such as China, Nepal and India.

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