Mohammed VI Museum… The architectural jewel combining authenticity and modernity

The Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is the first Moroccan museum to respect international museum standards and the first institution designed to be a museum, unlike other Moroccan museums that were originally mansions or residences.

The museum was established on the basis of a high instruction from His Majesty King Mohammed VI, who personally inaugurated it in October 2014 and hoped that it would be a means of democratizing culture and making it accessible to all, because His Majesty sincerely believes that culture can be a vector for development at all levels.

When you access this place, you realize that it is a unique architectural jewel, combining Moroccan originality and a contemporary openness to others. It is full of traditional decorations, but with a modern architectural touch.

It is located in the heart of Rabat, in the Hassan district. Since its opening, it has hosted many important exhibitions, including “From 1914 to 2014: A Hundred Years of Creativity… a historical overview of the changes in modern and contemporary Moroccan art”, “Medieval Morocco: an empire from Africa to Spain” and “Hassan El-Glaoui… the salt of dust”, “Lights of Africa”, “The Colours of Impressionism… the great works in the collections of the Musée d’Orsay”, not to mention the inaugural exhibition during which more than 500 works were presented, with the participation of over 200 artists. The museum has also organized exhibitions of works by international artists such as Picasso, Cesar and Giacometti, as well as by Moroccan artists such as Ahmed Ouardighi, Ahmed Cherkaoui, Farid Balkahia, Mohamed Melihi, Fouad Balamain and Mahi Binebine, etc.

Visited by about 100,000 people a year, this museum also organizes conferences, seminars and temporary exhibitions, as well as training courses for a specialized public, in particular graduates of architecture and fine arts schools.

Affiliated with the National Museums Foundation, this establishment meets international standards in this area.

With a budget of 200 million dirhams, the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is also a place to showcase the greatest artists and painters throughout history, both ancient and modern.

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