One-year review in Morocco

Founded in 2002, the Artcurial auction house has completed its first year of physical presence in Morocco. Inaugurated in October 2019, its Marrakech subsidiary strengthens the international network of the Paris-based company, which is present in Munich, Vienna, Brussels, Milan and Monaco. It will enable Artcurial to better promote the company’s specialities in relation to the African continent, develop its customer base in Morocco and enable its Moroccan customers to carry out their transactions in Moroccan dirhams. In 2011, Artcurial organised its first exhibition in Morocco, followed by a series of sales entitled Majorelle et ses contemporains, at the Es Saadi palace in Marrakech. In 2014, on the occasion of the opening of the Mohammed VI Museum in Rabat, Artcurial organised an auction entitled Moroccan Spirit, the journey of a century of creation in Morocco from 1880 to 1980. In 2015, Artcurial sold the Islamic art collection of Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent at the Es Saadi palace in Marrakech. In the same year, the auction house helped, through its Artcurial Culture agency, to organise the first exhibition at the Mohammed VI Museum in Rabat, “César, a Mediterranean History”. From 2016, the House initiated a sale that takes place every year on 30 December in Marrakech, entitled Paris#Marrakech, and which has been a great success. “In number, 40% of the lots were purchased by Moroccan customers. This confirms the growing interest in arts and culture in the Kingdom,” Berman points out.

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