Nawal Bengholam: I came out shocked from my first experience as an actress

In a new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, Simo Benbachir welcomed Moroccan actress and producer Nawal Bengholam, who is now one of the most famous faces on television in the United States.

Nawal Bengholam was born in Casablanca where she spent her early years of studies before moving to San Diego to study medicine. But after four years, she decided unexpectedly to change direction completely and opt for art. She moved to Los Angeles to take drama classes.

In her interview with Simo, she spoke of her first experiences as an actress in the series “Criminal Minds”, in which she played her first role. She came out shocked. While she expected to receive ample clarification from the director on how to play, the director simply gave her laconic instructions and the shooting went very quickly. Her experience ended as quickly as it began. “This experience taught me to be fast and not to waste time. I also understood that speed was needed in film productions,” she said.

Nawal Bengholam has also played other roles in other famous films, including Insias and Modern Family, as well as in Top Models. “It was an exciting experience for me to work in this series that I loved and followed since my childhood. When you see these worlds on television, they seem too far away for you, but being part of them is something. Very often, I wonder how I did it, Moroccan as I am, to get there, but I thank God for that. “she told Simo.

When asked how she combines her work as an actress and a producer, she says: “I can do this without much difficulty because these are two activities in the same field. I spend the necessary time on each of them, and then, as I said, I learned to work fast. »

As for the “Build-On” association, of which she is the ambassador, she says that it is a worldwide association of charities, such as the construction of schools in many poor or isolated regions. Members of this NGO will travel to Morocco with her next summer, after setting up projects in countries such as Senegal, Nepal and Malawi.

Speaking of the advice she wants to give to young people who want to succeed in America, she said, “Hollywood shouldn’t scare you. Here, people love success for everyone. All you have to do is be honest and enjoy the work. »

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