Mukbang videos manage to get a large number of American audience

The South Korean trend of “mukbang” video has become popular in the United States and around the world through websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and some Americans have even become mukbang stars themselves.

The term “mukbang” comes from the Korean terms “eat” and “spread”. In these videos, a person eats a large amount of food. Mukbang’s videos first became popular in South Korea in 2009 but have recently found fans around the world.

In some videos, the “mukbangers” do not speak and even have special microphones to help them pick up the sound of chewing.

Bethany Gaskin likes to talk in her videos, chatting while she eats as if she were talking to a friend or neighbor. The 44-year-old American mother of two children has 2.2 million YouTube subscribers. She also earned over $1 million from advertising on her channel.

Nicholas Perry, 27, has three different mukbang channels on YouTube. his largest channel, Nikocado Avocado, has 1.72 million subscribers.

He started his career on YouTube by making videos on the vegan way of life, but he quickly changed that to making videos on the consumption of large quantities of junk food.

His videos have made him gain weight, so when he doesn’t make videos, he exercises and tries to eat a very healthy diet.

“I just want to do this for a few more years,” he said. “It’s very unhealthy. »

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