The Batha Museum… the pride of Fez

The Batha Museum, or Dar El Batha, as the people of fez call it, is one of the oldest and most beautiful artistic monuments in the spiritual capital, Fez. It is the pride of the city and its inhabitants. This monument was founded in 1885 under the reign of Sultan Alaoui Moulay Hassan I, under the supervision of his Grand Vizier Haj El Maqri, before being completed in 1897 under the reign of his son Moulay Abdelaziz.

The museum, classified as a national historic monument in 1925, is located near Bab Boujloud, in the medina, inside a palace extending over approximately one hectare and in the middle of which is a vast garden designed in the Andalusian style. It is said to be the palace where the treaty of the French Protectorate of Morocco was signed. Along with the Musée des Oudayas in Rabat, it is also considered one of the first museums in the Cherifian kingdom.

The museum contains many rare pieces of art as well as ancient manuscripts, jewelry, clothing, war machines and objects that trace the history of the royal dynasties that ruled Morocco. And in order to keep these rooms in good condition, the people in charge of this establishment have put in place the appropriate tools such as humidity absorption systems and appropriate lighting.

The museum was built on the model of Andalusian-Moroccan architecture. Its floors are covered with zelliges, with marble fountains, reservoirs and basins. Its objective was to contribute to the preservation of Morocco’s cultural heritage. Today, it has become a space for many major artistic and cultural events and exhibitions.

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