The School of Fine Arts…. training at the highest level

Although it took the Moroccan government years to recognize its diploma, just as it remained under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior instead of the Ministry of Culture, the fact remains that the Higher School of Fine Arts in Casablanca is considered one of the most prestigious artistic training institutions in the Arab world and Africa.

The school, which belongs to the Wilaya of Casablanca, has contributed to the training of many visual artists and managers in various fields, ranging from visual arts to decoration, drawing, advertising and design.

Studies at the Casablanca School of Fine Arts last four years, during which time technical and theoretical training is offered to students in three fields: plastic arts, interior design and graphic design. The training is supervised by a specialized and competent staff composed of the best teachers in Morocco in the fields concerned, since the sixties of the last century.

This school, which at the same level of the great art schools of the Arab and African countries, was built in a district located in the heart of Casablanca, in Rachidi Street, near the city center and many historical monuments of the economic capital, such as the Arab League Park and the Sacred Heart Church.

It extends over a vast and magnificent area with a picturesque garden. For this reason, it has hosted many high-level concerts and cultural and artistic events over the years.

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