The Church of the Sacred Heart… the symbol of Moroccan religious tolerance

The Church of the Sacred Heart, known as the Cathedral of Casablanca, is a high place of religious tolerance in an Islamic country. Above all, it is a magnificent architectural symbol that adorns the Kingdom’s economic capital and testifies to its history and beauty.

The church was founded in the 1930s, when Marshal Lyautey was a French resident in Morocco. It was designed by the French architect Paul Tournan, to serve as a place of worship for Christians living in Morocco during the period of the French Protectorate. Today, it is one of the most important and beautiful heritage churches that hosts many exhibitions and artistic and cultural events.

The construction of the church, which covers about one hectare, took nearly 25 years to complete. Its designer wanted it to be an architectural masterpiece capable of competing with its peers throughout the world, thanks to the use of different architectural styles such as Gothic, Art Deco and Arab-Andalusian architecture, clearly visible in its arches, mosaics, exterior colors and the mixture between cement and stone.

The Church of the Sacred Heart, built almost a century ago, is one of the most important monuments in Casablanca. Even after the settlers’ departure and its closure in 1956, it has retained its prestige, becoming a sanctuary for all those who wish to learn more about its ancient cultural history and testify to Moroccans’ respect for Christianity.

The church is currently undergoing a complete restoration by a specialized team, under the supervision of the local development company “Casablanca Memory”, with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and the City Council of Casablanca. It is planned to open a pedestrian crossing, from the rue d’Algérie to the park surrounding the church. This will allow passers-by to enjoy the background of the church where there is a glass statue representing the image of Christ. A true architectural masterpiece.

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