Amine El Mehni was inspired by Simo Benbachir

For his new song entitled “Tsnapi Koulchi”, the Moroccan singer Amine El Mehni was inspired by the famous line by Simo Benbachir, a controversial showbiz star and social media activist, in which he said “she takes pictures of everything, except the “sheep” who paid for everything”. This reply provoked the anger of some influencers on Instagram who felt that the message was addressed to them and that it included moral accusations.

The song, which has been seen millions of times on YouTube and the rest of social networks, and whose chorus is “Tasnabi Kalashi… illa moul chi” tells the story of a rich young man who was left by his beloved for money. She shares pictures of her parties, trips and outings on Snapchat, but not the pictures of the man who offered her his fortune.

Amine El Mehni wrote the lyrics and composed the music for “Tsnapi Koulchi” while the cast is by Achraf Bensifia. The video clip was directed by Hamza Araibi.

Thanks to his skirmishes and his sharp little sentences, Simo Benbachir was able to inspire many artists and fans who began to talk about them in their conversations.

It should be noted that Simo is known for his sense of humor and the speed of his lines, which are often comic and annoying, but still subtle and offbeat. For this reason, her personality fascinates as much as it exasperates.

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