Al Quaraouiyine University: a Witness to History

Al Quaraouiyine University is not only a scientific institution, it has also become one of the historical monuments of the spiritual capital, Fez, as well as the rest of the Kingdom in general.

Despite the prevailing imprecision about its founding date, many historians agree that it was in the year 859, thanks to Fatima Fehria, daughter of a wealthy merchant from Bani Fahr who wanted to create a large mosque. This monument will evolve over time and the succession of royal dynasties in Morocco into a major university welcoming students from all over the world, particularly after it has undergone many expansions from the Idrisids to the Alawids.

The Al Quaraouiyine University, which covers an area of approximately 5854 square meters, is one of the oldest universities still in operation today, according to many historians. It is also the first university in the world to invent specialized scientific chairs and degrees. It has a huge library that still holds a large number of ancient manuscripts.

Built a hundred years before Al-Azhar University, Al Quaraouiyine has seen through its benches a large number of prestigious personalities from medicine, philosophy, jurisprudence, sociology and Sufism, including Abdessalam Ben Mchiche, Abu Mediene, Ibn Rochd, Ibn Maymoun, Ibn Khaldoune, Ibn Baja, Ibn Arabi, Lissane-Eddine Ibn Al Khatib, just as Pope Sylvester II attended his courses.

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