Ghali Benhima: We Welcome our Customers in the Moroccan Way

In the new episode of his Nayda in Hollywood series, Simo Benbachir welcomed Ghali Benhima, who left Casablanca about 14 years ago, to travel to the United States to fulfill his dream of becoming the most famous restaurant manager in Orange Cowney.

“I was 23 years old when I arrived in the United States. I first worked in the Moroccan pavilion of Disney World, which consisted of a Moroccan restaurant, a fast food restaurant, and a store. I was given the choice and chose the Moroccan restaurant because I liked it and wanted to learn more about it,” Ghali told Simo. He continued: “I had studied tourism and hospitality in Morocco. I was also used to going out with my father every week to the restaurant. In addition, our house itself was transformed into a great restaurant run by my mother who hosted friends and family to enjoy dishes of her own creation. I’m actually used to this universe,” Benhima said.

Regarding the restaurant “Vaca” that he manages, Ghali explained that it is a restaurant that opened its doors in 2015 in order to offer Spanish cuisine to Americans, especially since they had a false idea of it and confused it with Mexican cuisine.

In response to a question from Simo, as to why he did not choose a Moroccan restaurant, Benhima said that Americans know more about Moroccan cuisine than Spanish. That’s why he wanted to offer them something different, exciting and unknown. But he stressed that the Moroccan touch remains strongly present through the warm welcome. “We welcome our customers as if they were our guests at home,” he adds.

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