King Mohammed VI Sent a Message of Condolences to the Family of Abdessamad Dinia

The King said that he was deeply saddened to learn of the death of the late theater director Abdessamad Dinia, may God have His Holy Mercy on him.

He expressed to the family members of the deceased and, through them, to his relatives and friends and to his great artistic family, His deepest condolences and sincere feelings of compassion on the passing of one of the pioneers of theatrical production in Morocco, who was widely respected for his creative use of Morocco’s historical repertoire and authentic Moroccan heritage in his distinguished works, and for the esteem and respect he received from generations of artists and national theatrical skills that benefited from his experience.

His Majesty feels the same way as the members of the family of the late Dinia, whose unfortunate death was a cruel and unstoppable loss. He prays to the Almighty to grant patience and comfort to the family of the late Dinia, to reward the deceased for his recognized artistic services to his country, to accept him among his righteous servants, and to welcome him to his vast Paradise.

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