Skhina: the Most Famous Maghrebian Jewish Dish

Skhina is one of the most famous Jewish dishes in Morocco and the Maghreb. In Hebrew, it is called “Al hamine”, “Addafina”, or “Al-Baqaila” in Tunisia. It is called the “Skhina” because it is cooked in a way that keeps it warm until the next day. It is not consumed on the same day it is prepared. The name “Addafina” comes from the fact that it has always been cooked in an underground hole, or in an underground oven.

It is one of the most delicious traditional Jewish dishes in Maghreb Hebrew cuisine. Jews cook it at low temperatures for sometimes more than 13 hours, from sunset on Friday to Saturday morning. Thus, it is consumed during the Sabbath lunch, especially since it is the day when it is forbidden to light the fire.

Skhina is a main dish for Ashkenazi, Mizrahi and Sephardic people. This recipe is prepared in each region in a different way. But it is generally made from beef, potatoes, beans, wheat, barley and eggs. In Morocco, it is prepared with chickpeas, wheat and rice, making it a hearty and high-calorie dish that is often eaten in winter or when it is cold.

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